I help dedicated clinicians
through career transitions and hurdles
to succeed and thrive in the profession they love.


What people say about my coaching

"Not sure how you manage it but you have got me to do so much! More than I ever imagined I could."
Trainee doctor discussing careers
"It felt like a workout for the spirit- tiring but definitely felt stronger coming out than I went in."
Medicine trainee discussing career and long-term vision
"Helping me see the positives from my problems is a great quality in coaching. ... You are very good at re-framing problems to help see other ways to approach them."
Medical student
"I’d like to say thank you. It really helped me. It was just the right side of friendly and challenging."
Allied health professional
"Helped me to realise that’s why I felt the distress or lack of harmony in the work/life balance."
Allied health professional
"It has helped me to consider criticism and be able to move on from it rather than focus on."
NHS clinical leader.
"I left the session feeling exhilarated and proud of the goals that I had set with a clear goal and direction on how to achieve them."
Post-graduate student discussing goals
"Coaching really helped me to change my outlook towards work and made me approach the next working week with positivity and clarity"
Surgery Trainee
"I went into the session with no clear goals in my head and left with 4 practical SMART goals and a target to improve my resilience!"
Post-graduate student discussing resilience
Trainee doctor
“Mat did a great job at active listening and holding the space. I felt like no matter what was brought up he was ready to work in that direction. A very flexible, encouraging and powerful coach.”
Psychology student
"Eye opening and practical"
GP discussing careers and life balance
"... has been life changing."
Consultant Surgeon
"It served me very well; exactly what i approached Mat for initially. It kicked me into action immediately and forced me to think deeply."
Self-employed helping professional
"Mat is great for showing your problem from a completely different point of view. He can ask questions that you end up thinking about for days and they help to see your problem as you never thought about.
Consultant Surgeon
"Your support…helped me build up my confidence and commitment…This has opened doors for me"
Doctor new to UK
“...actually enjoyed working for the first time in a while”
Surgery registrar
"It was really amazing how you helped me define my values and put them on paper in the form of simple illustration and graphs."
Internationally-qualified doctor discussing career future
"I’ve not used the word career in a positive sense for almost 10 years. It had felt a career had deteriorated into a ‘job’. Thank you"
GP discussing career management
"I have a plan in place, one that Mat helped me to formulate. One that I know will change my working life if practiced and adapted on a regular basis."
Helping professional
"...quickly found a way to organise my scattered thoughts"
GP discussing leadership
"Mat has helped me to reflect on achievements in order to help achieve future goals.  Coaching has enabled me to think of leadership skills with a broader mind and to allow me to take the time to lead and not just do."
NHS clinical leader.
"I feel the discussion on leadership will allow me to have a platform to grow into the next phase of my career."
GP discussing leadership