Benefits of coaching - research

Coaching is a powerful tool to help you become the best that you can be. The testimonials show how other coachees have benefited from my coaching. The benefits of 1:1 individualised coaching are often easy to see, but might be more difficult to measure because people come to coaching with different challenges and desire different outcomes.

Recent published research has demonstrated some of the benefits of coaching healthcare and other public sector professionals.

In the organisational setting, research has also demonstrated benefits of coaching.

  • One meta-analysis has identified significant positive effects on all outcomes, concluding that coaching is an effective intervention in organisations.

  • Research into Executive coaching demonstrated that it was effective across all levels of evaluation. 73% of participants stated they achieved their goals “very effectively” or “extremely effectively,” as did 54% of the relevant stakeholders. When calculating the financial benefits of coaching (return on investment), the financial benefit to the organisation was 5.7 times the costs of the coaching programme.

  • A qualitative study identified that coaching in the workplace provides a unique space, creating a safe environment to address issues such as personal attributes, cognitions and emotions, with the result being enhanced well-being and improved performance at organisational and individual level.

The benefits that you personally might gain depend a lot on what you put into it and how engaged you are with the coaching journey. I can't promise that coaching will change your life, and cannot be held accountable for any decisions or outcomes arising from coaching. What I can promise is that I will do my utmost best to help you achieve those outcomes. Coaching successes are driven by you though, and the more that you put in the more you are likely to get out.

I myself have benefited enormously from coaching which has, and continues to, change my life. I hope that you can benefit in the same way too.