Career coaching for career success and satisfaction

bespoke and designed to help you flourish

Is your career at a cross roads? Do you face an important decision? Are you planning your future career strategy? Are you looking to change? Has the spark gone? Do you need to review your career to get the most satisfaction?

Career coaching is for those who are looking for their ideal career / job, and for those who have their ideal job but are looking to maximise their impact, satisfaction, and success.

Career coaching aims to:

-connect you with your values, passion, strengths, and other things that are important in your career

-facilitate development and implementation of specific actions needed to achieve the desired career

-equip you with career management skills that you need now and in future career decisions / transitions

-foster a mindset where you actively manage the different stages and aspects of your career in the long term

In my career coaching we define a career as one's calling or vocation in life, something that you are passionate about, and something that doesn't feel like work but is a key and integral aspect of who you are.

Career coaching is different to other types of career help. For example, career counselling / career advice is much more directed by the counsellor, who may use psychometric tools to suggest appropriate career choices, and may guide further actions; career coaching doesn't tell you what to do, instead the it taps into your existing wants and expertise and helps you develop career management skills. Interview skills coaching helps people prepare / practice for the job interview. CV writers specifically create CVs, and recruitment consultants match clients with vacancies. 

In my career coaching I see you as the expert in what is right for you. I won't tell you what to do, and I don't undertake psychometric testing that tells you what you should do. My approach explores your experiences, wishes, and what matters to you, and through this exploration you are the one that chooses the way forwards that is right for you. I take this approach because I believe that career decisions are highly individual, and the only person who can possibly know what is right for you is you. Further, making career decisions is often a big choice, with significant implications and up- as well as down-sides; you are the only person able to make that decision and understand/accept its implications.


I specialise in helping doctors and other health professionals have thriving careers within healthcare, rather that helping people find jobs outside. I often find that what doctors seek is a rebalance of their career within healthcare, rather than an escape from medicine. Have a look here if you are a doctor thinking of leaving medicine. My approach is one that sees healthcare as a fantastically rewarding career, but also full of challenges, and my career coaching then focuses on supporting you to create a thriving healthcare career for yourself. So if you need to review your life balance, or re-orientate your career to things that matter the most to you, or make future career choices to take you towards what you most value in your medical career, then the type of career coaching that I offer could be for you.

Career coaching areas

A variety of areas may be discussed depending on your wishes, such as

  • Values

  • Strengths

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-confidence

  • Managing emotions

  • Motivating self

  • Understanding others

  • Inspiring

  • Relationships

  • Managing priorities

  • Communication

  • Team management

  • Professional expertise

  • Leadership

  • Managing complexity

  • Managing change

  • Organisational awareness

Choose - Manage - Deliver

In successful and satisfying careers, we choose our job and the institution, but that is only the first step. We need to manage our career so that it continues to meet our needs and wishes (which often change with time), and we need to deliver whatever we are paid to do. Career coaching covers all three steps.

Choosing the right career path for your is an important step, but the successful and satisfying career needs more. As health professionals I think we feel that we choose healthcare and work hard, and expect that this will give us a satisfying career (I certainly used to!). The risk is that we may end up disappointed when the reality is different and work / personal circumstances change and alter our psychological contract with the workplace. Finding your dream career that you are passionate about doesn't mean that every day will be perfect or the path smooth; it is important to also develop skills to manage your career as a journey where the downs are absorbed or used as a springboard to propel you to an even better position. 

Making career choices is an important part of career coaching. Depending on your needs / wishes, coaching also covers career planning and long term strategy, leadership, and strategic decision making. Remember, choosing your career is just the beginning.