Succeeding and Thriving as a Healthcare Professional

In the past, our careers were stable with a clear ladder to climb, but the nature of the healthcare business and society is now always changing and unpredictable. Gallup polls survey all workers in general, consistently finding that two thirds of employees are actively disengaged. Healthcare studies find that a third of hospital doctors, 46% of General Practitioners, and 42% of nurses are affected by or at risk of burnout. Over the last few decades there has been a big societal shift away from working for money to seeing work as a calling with a purpose, yet the 2019 NHS staff survey found that under half of staff were satisfied with the extent to which their work was valued. Covid has only exacerbated the problems present even before.

Once you are in an established role, career management and development is as important as ever. You might want to focus on things outside work, and need to ensure clear boundaries between personal and professional lives. You might be bored and looking to reinvent yourself and take on a new challenge. Often people's focus turns to deeper meaning, asking what the career is all about, and what one's legacy might be. Stress is even present, and developing a set of skills and attitudes to help you thrive in a challenging environment is as important as it was in other stages of your career. And as one becomes more senior, a different set of leadership and interpersonal skills is needed to help influence the workplace.

I believe that a whole life approach is important. Careers are just one part of us, and they don't exist in isolation from the rest of our lives. I get that as helping professionals we often put our lives on hold to progress our careers, but that isn't something that can carry on indefinitely. So once we are in a stable role, paying attention to all parts of our lives is important. Arguably, even in early career stages life balance matters also.

So when it comes to succeeding and thriving as a healthcare professional, my coaching very much focuses on the values that guide people, and the meaning that their careers bring to life.