Why choose me as your coach?

1: I have an enjoyable and successful NHS career. I face the same challenges you might do also, including burn out, major illness, bullying, misalignment of values, and difficult career decisions. I have developed my own ways of dealing with the pressures of working in the NHS, and hope to help you do the same.

2: I know about health, research, teaching, training, leadership, teamwork, and diversity, as well as coaching. I have a wide range of experiences that enable me to understand the world that you move in.

3: I have the right training to support you with coaching. I have a formal coaching qualification, and am a licensed career coach. I engage in ongoing professional development as a coach, including with regular coaching supervision.

4: I specialise in and am experienced in coaching doctors.

5: My coaching is focused on solutions, it looks to the future, and it aims to help you develop as a whole person. In coaching we will probably talk about emotional as well as technical aspects of your career, and look at all aspects of your life and not just the work. You set the agenda, whatever it may be.

6: I am flexible in the type of coaching techniques that I use. Sometimes you may need me more as a mentor than a coach, and if that is the case we will agree on a change in how we work and I will continue to be able to help you. My coaching isn't just someone who listens to you - I will ask you questions, and challenge you to become the best that you can.

7: You deal with me directly, and only me. You decide if I am the right person to help you, you choose how we work, how often and for how long. I don't write any routine coaching report about you to anyone else, nor are my interactions with you influenced by anyone else's agenda.

8: My coaching starts with a free 30 minute session, designed to help us both see how coaching can help you and how we might work together. 

9: I have helped many people through my coaching, see some of their feedback here.