Do you face an important decision? Have you worked hard to get where you are, yet something is missing? Is there a grumbling dissatisfaction in your life, or even an overwhelming event?

People come to coaching for a wide range of reasons, for example

  • Values: recognising what you believe to be the greatest importance and the highest priority in life, and developing actions and pathways that enable you to live and work according to your values.

  • Strengths: recognising your own strengths and development areas, using your strengths to achieve your goals

  • Career decisions: changing careers, taking on new roles, choosing career paths

  • Career transitions: new promotion, new rank, new role, new leader

  • Professionalism, including professional registration difficulties

  • Professional Development

  • Job Interviews

  • Thriving as a member of under-represented or minority group

  • Resilience including dealing with adversity and building resilience proactively

  • Dealing with burnout

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Dealing with challenges at work

  • Mindset, developing growth mindset

  • Interpersonal skills and communication

  • Saying No

  • Navigating mind traps in a complex world

  • Life balance: finding the right balance between professional life and personal life, as well as balance between their different facets (for example clinical and management duties, strategy and operational aspects, family life and time with friends

  • Meaning and purpose

  • Making important choices. Accepting that this inevitably means taking responsibility for the outcome, and that some doors will close

  • Plurality of views, recognising that all individuals are different with different world views that might conflict

  • Recognising what can be changed and what cannot

I coach people who

1: face a challenge, important decision, change of direction, or some other dissatisfaction

2: are committed to personal development to be the best they can for themselves as well as for those around them

3: are willing to address big questions (for example life and career direction, meaning, purpose, choice)